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Food Basics
Food Basics 
10th-Jul-2006 07:38 pm - My favourite cardamom recipe
insomnia cool
I don't use cardamom much in cooking as I usually use a paste when I make curries.

However I always keep it in the house so I can make this:

Cardamom-scented hot chocolateCollapse )
1st-Jun-2006 11:21 pm(no subject)
Temari smile
Does anyone know of cardamom being used in savory (meat[lamb, maybe?], in particular) dishes?
The poll is officially closed and the winner is Cardamom!

Cardamom comes from the seeds of a ginger-like plant. The small, brown-black sticky seeds are contained in a pod in three double rows with about six seeds in each row. The pods are between 5-20 mm (1/4”-3/4”) long, the larger variety known as ‘black’, being brown and the smaller being green. White-bleached pods are also available. The pods are roughly triangular in cross section and oval or oblate. Their dried surface is rough and furrowed, the large ‘blacks’ having deep wrinkles. The texture of the pod is that of tough paper. Pods are available whole or split and the seeds are sold loose or ground. It is best to buy the whole pods as ground cardamom quickly loses flavor.

Traditional Ethnic Uses
In India Cardamom is traditionally used in curry blends, and in Scandinavian countries it is commonly added to breads; however, most of the world's Cardamom crop is used in Arabic countries as a flavoring for coffee.

A Few Ideas to Get You Started
A small amount of Cardamom will add a tempting flavor to coffee cake, Danish pastry, specialty breads, and apple pie. Try Cardamom the Arabic way and add a little to your ground coffee before brewing, then sweeten and top with cream.

Some reminders for discussion. Please tag all posts with the word 'cardamom'. All question posts should be tagged 'question', all recipe posts should be tagged 'recipe' and all tips and tricks should be labeled 'tips and tricks'.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be a bit more hard to reach for the next week. So play nice and play often. Thanks and have fun! I imagine the first few ingredients will be a bit of a "see what works". Please feel free to offer suggestions directly to food.basics@gmail.com or as a comment to any admin post.
SGA - Big Damn Heros
First I'd like to say that membership in this community has increased to 72 members and 86 watching in just two days. I'd like to welcome all the new people, especially the ones I don't recognize any which way. Seriously, I don't get how some of you found this place. ;)

Second I'd like to reiterate the pimping mantra. Please, do spread the word, I'm a little wary of trying the stranger, more obscure ingredients without a large community to draw from. That's not to say I'm not incredibly pleased with the numbers so far. I am. Pleased that is. So very. Ask anyone whom I chat with. I bounce. It's scary.

Third. The poll results are amusing to watch in real time. Also, I really thought I was kidding about needing that D20 to help decide on topics. Now I see it was more psychic than anything else.

Fourth. Meet the new mods. Say hi to fairestcat and cedara. There will probably be one or two more soon to help with the tagging needs that will be a bit complex in the beginning.

Fifth. While we're waiting another 24 hours for the poll results I thought I'd give us a little mini discussion. Here's a bit of useful information.


Shelf Life

Spices, Ground

2 - 3 Years

Spices, Whole

3 - 4 Years

Seasoning Blends

1- 2 Years


1 - 3 Years


4 Years, except pure vanilla
extract which lasts indefinitely

The information is from the McCormick website. Yes it's a big advertisement for their product, but it's also got a pretty decent encyclopedia of herbs and spices.

Please. Discuss. Disagree. Or say nothing at all.
1. The poll. Wee. Anyone else all a twitter? Okay for the first time the poll will be active for 2 days. After this, the normal poll running time will be 4 days. I say this because I hope member ship expands a wee bit more and sometimes people get busy.

What should the next topic be?

shitake mushrooms
mustard seeds

Please suggest an item for a future poll here:

The items in the poll might seem a bit wacked, but I wanted to give a good idea of the sorts of topics I wanted to use.

2. The FAQ is still ongoing. So if you have suggestions please feel free to offer them in comments.

3. Tagging. Oh lordy. We'll try and be really specific about how and where and when. And I'm collecting at least 2 or 3 more mods just to handle this in the beginning. All I ask is that you pay attention. I want most of them to make sense and have it be easy to remember. So suggestion there will be welcome as well.

4. This Community needs an icon. *looks innocent* Just saying.

5. Pimptastic. I think a community with this sort of goal needs a moderate sized population. So please tell your friends and neighbors. Post relevant communities. Etc. Thank you in advance!
29th-May-2006 05:32 pm - ADMIN POST - Community FAQ
Rodney - Are we there yet
The premise:

Every two weeks or so the moderators will post a basic foodstuff as a topic. Sample topics might be "thyme" or "oranges." For the next two weeks everything about that foodstuff is on-topic. Favorite recipes, tricks for use, what brands/types are best, etc.

Experienced cooks and novices are both welcome. Come, join, discuss!

The way things work:

Topics - Will be announced by the moderators. Topic selection will involve a complex process of polling, suggestions, and a couple of D20s. :) Topics will last approximately two weeks, give or take depending on interest. Topics will be very basic spices and/or ingredients. Example: Thyme or Oranges.

Posting - Most postings should relate to the current topic at hand.

Things to talk about - How to select the best/premium of the current topic. How to use various versions of said topic. Favorite recipes of said topic. Etc.

Tagging - Very important. Basic tags include: admin (for mods only obviously), recipe, how to, and of course, the current ingredient in question. There will later be more specific delineations, such as types of cooking, specific food types, etc. Please pay attention to your tags and watch for admin posts involving new tags. Hopefully as the need arises we'll get to them asap. Admin posts will often be the ones that introduce the newest tags.

Moderation - While I am not of the point of view that your moderators are gods, they do have authority. All quibble, squabbles, kerfluffles should be aired privately. And IF a moderator does have to come in and break up a fight and use some of the less pleasant bits of moderator authority, I expect them to be respected and new rules to be observed.

Can I... - If you have the urge to start a post with "I don't know if this is allowed but...", or some variation thereof. Don't. This community has the possibility of getting a fairly large number of subscribers. If you're not sure. Ask a moderator. Either go to ANY admin post (tagged as such) or through or through the email provided under the website link.

Disclaimer - These are not set in stone, however I promise notices WILL be posted in the event of any changes.
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